Kseniya Sergheyevna Lyubomirova

Holder of Habilitation degree in Geography

I suffered from atrial fibrillation for three years with constant deterioration. It got to the point that I called the ambulance every second day. Doctors advised to do RFA, but not all of them agreed because of my advanced age, and I disbelieved in those who agreed. When I attended a medical appointment with A. V. Ardashev we had a talk and after 3-4 minutes of it I decided that I wanted HIM to do the operation for me. Then I talked to E.G. Zhelyakov and realized that I could entrust my heart to them. RFA operation passed easily and quickly. However, it was not possible to completely get rid of atrial fibrillation, although it ceased to be so painful and frequent. We waited for about 2 other months, but there was no complete cure …

Andrey Vyacheslavovich said that they had spared me due to my age, and they would have done operation of a more “hard” type to a younger person. I asked so hard to believe that I am younger inside and they do not need to “spare” me at all. Re-surgery was done three months later. After the first “Hardness” I did not feel at all, despite the fears of doctors

(apparently inside I’m really young). Now I’m sitting on a beach in India (GOA), the flight was easy, the pressure and the pulse are normal, the arrhythmia is ABSENT, knock on wood.

I am infinitely grateful to A. V. Ardashev, E. G. Zhelyakov, their assistants and all the staff, and I wish everyone a Happy New Year.

I advise patients aged over 80-90 not to be afraid of RFA surgery and to be healthy in 2016 and subsequent years.