Andrey Vyacheslavovich


Holder of Habilitation degree in Medicine, professor, arrhythmologist. He was born on September 19, 1970. In 1993 he graduated from the Academician I. P. Pavlov State Medical University of St. Petersburg (former the 1st Leningrad Medical Institute). Member of the editorial board of the following magazines “Cardiology”, “Annals of Arrhythmology”, “Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology”, “Clinical Practice”, “Heart”,  “Heart Failure” and JICE.

The author of more than 650 scientific publications, 11 monographs, co-author of 3 collections of clinical practice guidelines of All-Russian Scientific Society of Arrhythmologists, one manual on cardiology. Supervisor of 11 Ph.D. theses. The chairman of the Committee of Experts on the development of National Recommendations for the Prevention of Sudden Cardiac Death.

from July 2023

Research Associate Professor of Cardiology, Feinberg School of Medicine, Northwestern University, Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.


Honorific Member of SADEC


Editorial Board Member of the Journal of Interventional Cardiac Electrophysiology


Founding Member of the Society (ECAS)

2014 - Present day

Visiting professor at OJSC “Medicine” clinic, surgeon-arrhythmologist

2013 - Present day

Head of the Arrhythmology Department of the medical center of Lomonosov Moscow State University.


IDSS Best abstract award (Jerusalem)

2012 - 2017

Head of the Laboratory of Experimental Cardiology for Federal Clinical Research Centre of Federal Medical-Biological Agency of the Russian Federation (FNKTS FMBA of Russia)

2011 - 2017

Head of the Department of Cardiology of the Federal State Educational Institution of Additional Professional Education “Institution of Advanced Training of FMBA of Russia”


Outstanding achievement award of European Cardiac Arrhythmia Society in recognition of contribution to the field of cardiac arrhythmias and pioneering work in clinical electrophysiology


Visiting professor for the Federal State Institution “Combined Hospital with a Polyclinic of the Facilities and Property Management Office under the RF President”


Elected Fellow of the International Society of Holter and Noninvasive Electrocardiology (ISHNE) in recognition of outstanding contribution to the field

2009 - 2016

Head of the Department of “Interventional radiology methods of diagnosis and treatment No. 2″ (heart rhythm disturbances) Federal Scientific Clinical Center of FMBA of Russia (former Clinical hospital No. 83)

2002 – 2008

Professor of the Department of General Therapy of the State Institute for Advanced Training of Doctors of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation (Moscow)

2003 – 2008

Head of the X-ray Surgical Center for Interventional Cardiology of the Academician N. N. Burdenko Main Military Clinical Hospital (Moscow)

2006 – 2008

Chief Arrhythmologist of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation


Professor’s Certificate

1999 – 2003

Head of the non-standard clinical electrophysiological laboratory of the Academician N. N. Burdenko Main Military Clinical Hospital


He defended his doctoral thesis majoring in “Cardiology”


Associate Professor of the Department of Cardiology of the Institute for Advanced Training of Doctors of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation (Moscow)

1997 – 2000

Fellow of RAS

1993 – 1999

Assistant Professor of the Department and Clinic of Intermediate Level Therapy of the Academician I. P. Pavlov State Medical University of St. Petersburg

1998 – 1999

Senior research fellow of the Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases of the Academician I. P. Pavlov State Medical University of St. Petersburg, arrhythmologist

1995 – 1998

Full-time post-graduate student majoring in “Cardiology” of the Department of Intermediate Level Therapy of the Academician I. P. Pavlov State Medical University of St. Petersburg

1997 – 1998

Training in the University of Pennsylvania (USA) with the specialization in “Clinical Electrophysiology” in the status of visiting fellow (Director of the Clinical Electrophysiological Laboratory of the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania – Doctor Dusan Z Kocovic)


RF President grant-aided student


He defended his Candidate’s dissertation majoring in “Cardiology” (Academic Advisor –E. V. Shlyakhto, professor)

1993 – 1995

He was trained in clinical residency with a specialization in “General therapy and cardiology” at the Department of Intermediate Level Therapy of the Academician I. P. Pavlov State Medical University of St. Petersburg (Head of Chair –V. A. Almazov, academician of RAMS)

Why to choose us?

  • 1500

    Exclusive experience of Professor A. V. Ardashev. To date, more than 1,500 RFA of atrial fibrillation catheter ablation has been performed.

  • APRIL 1999

    A. V. Ardashev performed the first RFA of atrial fibrillation in Russia

  • 3 years

    Responsibility! We guarantee subsequent long-term follow-up.

  • 15 years together

    A professional team with fifteen years of experience working together.

  • State of the art equipment

    Operations are conducted by the aid of modern equipment.

  • 2 days of hospitalization

    Short treatment period. 2 days in a luxury environment under the supervision of a professional team of doctors and nurses.

Our achievements

  • Opening of new electrophysiological laboratory

    Since 2002, 8 x-ray surgery rooms have been opened in Moscow, equipped with the latest equipment.

  • National Guidelines

    In 2012, we prepared the first Russian guidelines for the prevention of sudden cardiac death, having outstripped the European analog by 3 years

  • Department of cardiology

    More than 700 cardiologists were trained at the Department of Cardiology, opened in 2011, held by A. V. Ardashev, 11 candidate dissertations were defended. In 2015 the department obtained the accreditation of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation.

  • Cooperation

    We cooperate with the leading world and domestic arrhythmia centers. Our team actively participates in the largest international multicenter trials (CABANA, OPTIMISE)

  • Registry

    In 2015, the first domestic registry of patients with atrial fibrillation, DELEMA, was created.

  • Effective treatment of patients

    Every year, 1,000 patients of all ages receive effective and comprehensive arrhythmological care, including both drug therapy of arrhythmias and all types of intervention (device implantation, catheter radiofrequency ablation).

Our team

  • Denis Vladimirovich Sokolov

    • Holder of Doctorate degree in Medicine
    • Outpatient visits in OJSC “Medicine” clinic
    • Pre- and post-intervention follow up of patients with arrhythmias
  • Evgheniy Ghennadiyevich Zhelyakov

    • Holder of Doctorate degree in Medicine
    • Author of 214 scientific publications
    • Carries out primary outpatient consultation of patients with arrhythmias
    • Conducts long-term follow-up of operated patients
    • Takes a part EP and ablation for patients with tachyarrhythmias

Feedback of our patients

  • Kseniya Sergheyevna Lyubomirova

    Holder of Habilitation degree in Geography

    I suffered from atrial fibrillation for three years with constant deterioration. It got to the point that I called the ambulance every second day. Doctors advised to do RFA, but not all of them agreed because of my advanced age, and I disbelieved in those who agreed. When I attended a medical appointment with A. V. Ardashev we had a talk and after 3-4 minutes of it I decided that I wanted HIM to do the operation for me. Then I talked to E.G. Zhelyakov and realized that I could entrust my heart to them. RFA operation passed easily and quickly. However, it was not possible to completely get rid of atrial fibrillation, although it ceased to be so painful and frequent. We waited for about 2 other months, but there was no complete cure …

    Andrey Vyacheslavovich said that they had spared me due to my age, and they would have done operation of a more “hard” type to a younger person. I asked so hard to believe that I am younger inside and they do not need to “spare” me at all. Re-surgery was done three months later. After the first “Hardness” I did not feel at all, despite the fears of doctors

    (apparently inside I’m really young). Now I’m sitting on a beach in India (GOA), the flight was easy, the pressure and the pulse are normal, the arrhythmia is ABSENT, knock on wood.

    I am infinitely grateful to A. V. Ardashev, E. G. Zhelyakov, their assistants and all the staff, and I wish everyone a Happy New Year.

    I advise patients aged over 80-90 not to be afraid of RFA surgery and to be healthy in 2016 and subsequent years.




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