Simple search systems of general purpose

AltaVista Full-text search engine by Digital Equipment Corp. One of the most popular Web sites, visited by more than 16 million users a day. In AltaVista, simple and advanced searching is possible on Web pages and newsgroups. Advanced logical search using AND, OR, NOT, search by pattern and by NEAR proximity / similarity to the search term. A URL search is available to determine the number of potential external links. One of the fastest search engines on the Web.

HotBot Search engine Hotwired and Inktomi, one of the newest machines on the Web. Weekly indexes all words on the Internet and excludes from its catalogs “frozen” ones on Web pages. Hotbot offers a simple and advanced search; it can modify the primary search engine. Together with AltaVista is one of the fastest search engines on the Web.

Excite Full-text search engine, one of the first to appear on the Web. It differs from other systems in that it searches for keywords and phrases. In addition, Excite supports logical search (AND, OR, NOT) and searches for all words (when using +) or excludes words from the search (when using -).

Lycos Powerful full-text search engine. Offers a logical search (by “match all terms”), a template search and a search for related words. Lycos highlights keywords in the result of search, which allows the user to quickly analyze the content of the site.

OpenText Full-text index search engine. OpenText offers four different types of search. Simple search is a basic search for keywords and phrases. Advanced search is carried out in a flexible interface that allows a logical search and search for related words. Information from Newsgroup can be obtained using a special search mode – Newsgroup Search. There are search systems in several languages – Japanese, Spanish and Portuguese.

Medical Search Engines

MedExplorer  Free medical search system for doctors, patients and their families. Registration is required. The system works with 28 different material categories, with more than 140 news groups, ads and an online bookstore the MedExplorer Bookstore and Conferences.

MEDBOT Super Search  one can use up to 4 search tools to choose from the proposed 6 categories – index systems, search engines, medical catalogs.

Doctor’s Choice: A medical search engine created by doctors. Admission to the search system only through registration.

Medical World Search Full-text search using the Web index and the medical thesaurus (the Unified Medical Language System from the National Library of Medicine) on major medical sites. It can transmit a request to several search engines at the same time (InfoSeek, PubMed MEDLINE, HotBot, AltaVista, WebCrawler). Search on 100,000 web pages and thousands of selected medical sites

Search Engines of Universities

American Association of Medical Colleges Search

Cedars-Sinai Medical Center

Case Western Reserve Search

Columbia University Search

Leicester University Search

Mayo Clinic Search Engine

New England Medical Center Search

Princeton Review: Best Medical Schools Database

St. Bartholomew’s and the Royal London School of Medicine and Dentistry Search

Stanford University Medical Center Search

Thomas Jefferson University Search

UCLA Search

University of Florida Search

University of Kansas Search

University of Melbourne Search

University of Michigan

University of Newcastle Australia

University of Pittsburgh

University of Sheffield

University of Southern California Search USC

University of Utah Search

University of Wisconsin, Madison Search

Vanderbilt University Medical Center Search